According to several news outlets, a shipment of 400,000 N95 masks was seized by FEMA while they were bound for Michigan, Delaware, and ship captains.

The PPE supplies arrived in 2 separate shipments on April 6th and 19th and has been held at JFK Airport ever since. George Gianforcaro, the owner of the Delaware based company that arranged for the shipments, told Daily News that he was frustrated and angry with the seizure.

There have been conflicting reports between officials at FEMA and Gianforcaro in regards to the seizure of the masks.  FEMA says the accusations are false, but Gianforcaro showed paperwork that stated all masks procured by his company are subject to the Defense Production Act and could be held for sale to FEMA.

Gianforcaro says he ordered 1 million masks in total but after the first two shipments were seized at the airport, he cancelled the rest of his order.  The total cost out of his pocket was reported as being $4 million to which he has received no compensation and no masks have reached their destinations.

This isn't the first report of federal authorities seizing masks and other coronavirus supplies.

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