Being told "you throw like a girl" is far from an insult nowadays.  In fact, it just kind of sounds dumb to say things like that in 2020 and Sara Huston of Bloomfield Hills High School demonstrated that point perfectly last week.

Sara, the 17-year-old BlackHawk kicker, split the uprights to score the extra point and squeak past the undefeated Berkley Bears.  The two teams were tied at the end of regulation and the Berkley Bears scored first in overtime but the Bloomfield Hills BlackHawks managed to block the extra point and then drive back down the field to score a touchdown of their own.

That set up Sara Huston for the game winning play.  At first, Sara's holder, Dean Bolton, fumbled the snap, but quickly got the ball set up for the kick, which Sara nailed.  In an interview with Click on Detroit, Sara said "I was so nervous, there was so much pressure, it came down to that moment.”  But the Bloomfield Hills' coach Dan Loria had total confidence in his kicker and knew she would clinch the victory.

In addition to being the kicker for the football team, Sara is also a 4.0 student, the president of the math club, and a member of the National Honor Society.  Sara is the 3rd female kicker to have played for the Bloomfield Hills BlackHawks, but the first to have hit a game winner in overtime.  Even in her young age, Sara can already be the perfect role model for young girls around the state.

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