Many who attend the Field of Flight show in Battle Creek come away awed either by the airplanes, the hot air balloons, the fireworks or all of it.

But there was one video from the 2021 Field of Flight that everyone is talking about - and wondering the same thing, 'that was faked, right?'

No, it wasn't. First, check out the video and then a different perspective on how it was done.

The video came from the F-22 Raptor Demo Team, a military unit that was a part of the airshow. The video has, as of this article's publication 71,000 views. Here's what they posted:

Epic video, right? Almost too good.

The folks at Field of Flight took to social media to share the same moment from thier perspective. They stated:

By now, everyone has seen the EPIC 4th of July video that the F-22 Raptor Demo Team took here in Battle Creek.

Something that amazing cannot be faked, so for anyone questioning if it really was that perfect…here’s your proof! This was filmed in real-time by one of our photographers while the F-22 team filmed their video. Watch and be amazed!

The social media comments on the video show was a powerful moment it was, particularly for those who were at Field of Flight at the time:

Haha it Definitely wasn't fake!! I was there! You could feel that heat on the opposite end of the field though

It's certainly interesting to see how Field of Flight has evolved over the years. Take a look back at some of these photos from the first balloon show in 1981 when the balloons on display like Kool Cigarettes and the Playboy Bunny were, how shall we say it, from another era.

The Air Force unit that created that majestic moment was just a sliver of the rich history of the county's military.

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