There is a handy tool that can help you find out if you qualify for the 3rd stimulus check.

The rules changed a little bit from the first two stimulus checks to the most recent payment of $1400 that is available for those who qualify, but how do you know if you qualify?

According to WOOD, there is a section of the Internal Revenue Service website called "Get My Payment Tool" that is dedicated to letting you know if you qualify for the next round of stimulus checks and roughly when you might receive you check. The same section of the site also lets you know how to request a check if for some reason you don't receive yours.

I have had to use the "Get My Payment Tool" for the first two checks and will more than likely use it again since the first check I wound up having to request payment, then received the second payment at an odd time so I had to check to make sure it wasn't a mistake so its a handy tool no matter the situation.

You can check for a deposit date for your check, make sure you bank info is correct or info in case you don't see a date for your check and what you need to do.

Some people I work with have already gotten their check bur for me, I was late getting my checks both times and I expect it to be the same for me a third time and that is why I will be using the "Get My Payment Tool" again to follow the money.

Here is a link to the "Get My Payment Tool" site and all of your questions should be answered there.

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