If you haven't signed up for the Michigan Vaccine Lottery yet, you better get on it because they have already pulled the first $50,000 winner.

I'm not one to play the lottery often. I will buy a few tickets around Christmas once every other year or so or when the Powerball gets to a ridiculous number I may snag a ticket, but I'm not the everyday or every week kind of player.

I will say I was excited when Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the Michigan Vaccination Lottery. Unlike the Powerball where you are playing against people all over the country, I figured this lotter there are some better odds.

According to MLive, the first $50,000 winner has been selected and until the official paperwork is filled out, they will keep the winner's name under wraps. Beginning next week, sweepstakes winners from the previous week will be announced and this will go on until August 3rd.

The Mi Shot To Win Sweepstakes is going on now through August 3rd where the 2 million dollar winner will be announced on August 4th. So if you haven't been vaccinated, here are 2 more million reasons why you should get vaccinated.

If you look at the country as a whole and you go to places where there is a high rate of vaccinations, you have a very low rate of COVID-19 activity. If you go to a part of the country where little to know one has been vaccinated like Arkansas, you see they are now on their third wave of the pandemic, are having to continue to wear masks and are limited to what they can do as a society. This isn't political, its just a fact.

This new Delta Variant is really causing problems around the United States and around the world so help stop the spread and get vaccinated. Plus there are thousands of dollars all the way up to 2 million dollars up for grabs for those who have been vaccinated to win.

The one million dollar drawing is coming up July 12th and you don't want to miss out on that opportunity. Plus for the next 30 days at $50,000 winner will be selected everyday.

I already signed up and tipped off a bunch of my family and friends to sign up. If you are looking to get in on the cash you can sign up right here.  Its really easy and only takes 2 minutes to fill out, just make sure you have your vaccination card handy when you sign up.

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