At a recent Ohio State hockey game a bomb squad robot dropped the puck. If you're like me you've seen this kind of thing before. However, what makes this video unique is it's a 360 video. Meaning you can look all around like you're actually there.

I mean come on. You don't have to be a Buckeyes fan to appreciate just how cool that video is. It's even better if you view it from your cell phone.

I did research on how much a 360 camera (and editing software) would cost. Because I would love to do '360 videos' from backstage at concerts, or at the 4th of July fireworks, or a parade.

I don't foresee any of those type of videos coming any time soon. Why? Allow me to use the words my dear father once said to me, "Son, I was born good looking, not rich."

Maybe one day I'll buy the right lottery ticket.

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