Grand Rapids native and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr., hit the top 10 and the music group Bon Jovi continues to have star power in the latest Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

The rundown reflects celebrities' power and influence based on media exposure, marketability, and career earnings over the past 12 months. 

Bon Jovi earned most of their $82 million through touring. Frontman Jon Bon Jovi also received attention recently for his charitable efforts through his Soul Foundation, but the group has slipped from last year. In 2013, Bon Jovi was in the top 10 in seventh place.

Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, and Paul McCartney are on the list as well.  Springsteen, who made $81 million, is at No. 25.  He was last on the Celebrity 100 in 2010 at 17th.

The Eagles made more money than Springsteen, but follow him at No. 26. With earnings of $100 million, the band ranks fourth based solely on income. They're only surpassed by list leader Beyonce KnowlesDr Dre and Mayweather.

Mayweather, the undefeated boxing champion who grew up in Grand Rapids, and now lives in Las Vegas, is the first athlete since PGA pro Tiger Woods to earn $100 million in Forbes’ annual tally. He is the second-highest rated athlete on the list, behind NBA superstar LeBron James.

James, who just opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat to explore other options, moved up to No. 2 from the 16th spot last year.

The Forbes Celebrity 100 List for 2014 was topped by Beyonce, thanks to her secret album drop, massive world tour and business empire that includes deals with Pepsi and H&M. It doesn't hurt that the singer played 95 shows, bringing in an average $2.4 million per city, according to Pollstar.

This year, musicians ranked high on the list, with 13 in the top 25, also including Jay Z (No. 6), Rihanna (No. 8), Katy Perry (No. 9), Bruno Mars (No. 13), Miley Cyrus (No. 17), Taylor Swift (No. 18), Lady Gaga (No. 19), Kanye West (No. 20) and Calvin Harris (No. 21). Pharrell Williams was 38th and Avicii 47th.

Notable newcomers to the 2014 list included actors Bradley Cooper (No. 48), Matthew McConaughey (No. 52), Vin Diesel (No. 66); television actors Jon Hamm (No. 89), Bryan Cranston (No. 88), Kevin Spacey (No. 74); TV personality Jimmy Fallon (No. 45); actresses Amy Adams (No. 81), Natalie Portman (No. 100); television actresses Kerry Washington (No. 93), Kaley Cuoco (No. 99); model, actress and St. Joseph native Kate Upton (No. 94); and author Veronica Roth (No. 95).

The magazine ranked the celebs based on money and fame. Money was decided by talking to lawyers, producers, agents, and other entertainment big wigs to figure out how much the a-list made this year. As for fame, the magazine counted the amount of times a person was mentioned or discussed as well as how popular they are on various social media platforms.

Here's Forbes' Celebrity 100 List's top 10, with earnings for the year ending June 1:

  1. Beyonce, $115 million
  2. LeBron James, $72 million
  3. Dr. Dre, $620 million
  4. Oprah Winfrey, $82 million
  5. Ellen DeGeneres, $70 million
  6. Jay Z, $60 million
  7. Floyd Mayweather, Jr., $105 million
  8. Rihanna, $48 million
  9. Katy Perry, $40 million
  10. Robert Downey Jr., $75 million

Justin Bieber shared this group selfie on Instagram of himself with Tyrese, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and Johnny Manziel.

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