Some residents of Kalkaska are a little miffed at their mayor right now, and not even for the normal reasons you might get mad at a mayor. These residents are asking that Mayor Jeff S. Sieting remove a sign from the front a business that he owns that reads, "For New Birth of Freedom, Please Vote TRUMP".

As you can see from the photo above from Google Street View (taken in November 2016), Sieting used signs to show his support for many candidates running for various offices. However, the Trump sign is now the only one that remains.

Emma Savach via Facebook
Emma Savach via Facebook

The people who want it removed say that the sign violates a local ordinance regarding political signs, and they are correct. Article 19, Section 2 of the Kalkaska City Zoning Ordinance states,

Political advertising related to a candidate running for office or a proposition up for public vote: There is no limit on the number of political advertising signs; provided, no signs may be placed within the public right-of-way and all political advertising signs must be removed within ten (10) days of an election.

The village office of Kalkaska has received numerous calls requesting that the sign be removed by the mayor, but the sign remains on the building as of the writing of this post.

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