If you were on social media at all this weekend odds are you heard people talking about marches all over the place.

Well, here's footage from the march here in Grand Rapids.

For more information on The Women's March and how you can stay involved, visit:

Twitter: @womensmarch


This was the morning march held in Grand Rapids. Please excuse some of the blown out shots... it was hectic and inspiring.

I chose the song because of Le Tigre and Kathleen Hanna's political and social stances, along with the chant featured in the song. Among all of the things that happened that morning, I was personally geeking out that a chant I heard in one of my favorite songs was being used during this historical protest. It spoke to the matter at hand and I couldn't think of any other song to use ([....] you, YouTube, if you try to remove the [....]).

Please listen to music by women and the LGBTQIA community. Part of what helps heal is being a part of the culture, as opposed to remaining on the outside. The way we become less ignorant is by experiencing and listening to the views of our fellow humans, regardless of their background, race, creed, religion, orientation and gender. That's the main reason I chose this track.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this protest and especially to those who let me film them. We have more work to do. It doesn't end here. Let's help each other stay strong and keep each other in check and that especially includes my straight, white cisgender [...].

It's the only way we'll get better.

Theodore Converse Jr. via YouTube

[Edited the language that would make my grandmother blush.]

Well, there you have it, looks like there was a great crowd.

You know, I'm not a politics kind of guy. Never have been. Don't get me wrong I do my personal research on the candidates and vote as I feel led.

However, I have never felt like it was my place to talk about one party or the other. I have friends on both ends of the political spectrum and I like it that way.

In today's divisive world if you say I like party 'a' you'll lose half your friends in party 'b'. You know, people whose company you once enjoyed. Folks, you shared the bonds of friendship with at one point or another. Gone all because you identify with party a on certain issues.

It's enough to bum you out.

Whatever happened to common ground?

Well, maybe here's some common ground. - No matter what your political views, freedom of speech is part of what makes America great.

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