For all of us who can't sink a four foot putt, but can kick a 45 year field goal, Traverse City is offering you FootGolf.  Yup, it's exactly what you think it is, and it's marvelous!

(Soft music playing)

Cue Tim Allen's voice.

The sunsets over an idyllic Northern Michigan afternoon. Your body says it's quitting time, but your soul says nine more holes. So tee up the soccer ball, because kick off here means driving it 80 yards to a 21-inch hole. And after you're done you'll knocking back lagers and singing British soccer anthems, because Arnold Palmer doesn't live here. You're playing FootGolf and it's Pure Michigan."

(Soft music out)

In a sure sign that there's way too many golf courses in the Traverse City area, two layouts are shifting sports this spring by offering a new game called FootGolf.

It was the soccer-crazed Dutch who first introduced the idea of using a soccer ball on golf course back in the '80s, but the idea hasn't made it to Michigan until now.

Two Northern Michigan courses, Shanty Creek and Elmbrook will be offering the sport by adapting 18 holes each to FootGolf this season.

“When we first heard about this, we thought it was something for kids – you know, birthday parties and things like that. But this is an international accredited sport,” said Elmbrook owner Carolyn Olson. “And it’s a perfect fit for Traverse City, with all the elite soccer clubs and coaches we have in this area.”

Two things made the shift easy for the courses. One, the courses are the same length as a regulation golf course; so, it's just a matter of putting 21 inch holes on the green. And two, the average FootGolf game can be completed in half the time as an average round of golf, so the courses can accommodate more patrons.

There's even a dress code that FootGolfers adhere to, according to the press release: "A distinctive uniform is often worn (collared shirt, flat Hogan-style cap, golf pants or shorts, knee-length argyle socks and soccer shoes – not cleats.)"

UPDATE:  Brian at Shanty Creek says they'll begin offering FootGolf in early May, and the charge will be $10 per person to play 9 holes if you walk. It would be $22 per person if you take a golf cart.  Elmbrook is looking at an early summer start, but rates have yet to be set.

If it involves argyle socks, count me in!

Here's a British video about the sport.


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