Taylor Hale was crowned the winner of the 24th season of CBS's "Big Brother," with an 8 to 1 jury vote from her other housemates.

The former Miss Michigan USA 2021 became the first Black female to be the winner of the reality show.  

Her housemate, Monte Taylor chose to take Taylor to the final two with him. Once the viewers heard Taylor's speech, we all knew she secured the bag! It was even dubbed the "best speech in 'Big Brother' history."

"We can have the same Big Brother wins that we've had in the past, but I am challenging you, jury members. I'm challenging all of you to decide what type of winner you want to have this year? Do we want the same thing, where we see evictions and comp wins be the path to success? Or do we want a winner where we choose resiliency, we choose persistence as a reason to win this game. I have never given up on myself and I refuse to do it tonight when I'm sitting next to such a strong competitor. Jury members, I am challenging you to make the hard decision and change the course of the game and choose progress for the course of this game. I can be with the winner of this season, and I promise you will not do it in vain if you choose me tonight."

With this win, the 27-year-old West Bloomfield native won $750,000 in cash. Hale also showed out and was given the title of America's Favorite Houseguest.

Since she won that title, she will also receive an additional $50,000 in cash.

Taylor Hale is also the first "Big Brother" winner to simultaneously win America's Favorite Houseguest title.

Hale compares this to her winning the Miss Congeniality award at the 2021 Miss USA pageant.

"This is like winning Miss Congeniality all over again, but there's a cash prize this time!"

She even joked that she would use the money on a lot of "potato chips after this."

This winning moment is a show of perseverance as well. At the beginning of the season, Taylor faced a lot of bullying and microaggressions from her housemates.

This is how you rise above bullying and microaggressions in the humblest yet most beautiful way.

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