These rehabbed old 8mm films from the 1950s feature footage of the old Muskegon Car Ferry and springtime in Allegan County along Lake Michigan.

They don't come with any sound, so I've provided the sound track by giving you the music they use in the Pure Michigan ads at the end, so you can mix it in later.

First up, some footage of the old Muskegon car ferry to Milwaukee. They've added a new express ferry since, but the old school slow boat still had a lot of charm. There's also some shots of the sand dunes in what could be Hoffmaster State Park in Norton Shores, but that's only an educated guess.

Up next are some springtime shots from Allegan County. It appears to be still chilly, so I'm guessing this mid to late April. The beauty of this reel is it shows some kids climbing the dunes in their Sunday best. Nothing says dune climbing better than a sport coat!

Later you'll see them pour sand of their shoes like water.

There's some shots of people fishing in a river and enjoying the coastline near Saugatuck, I think. It's an educated guess.

And here's your music!

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