It's not just the kids who have yummy treats to look forward to this Halloween...

Thanks to Founders Brewing Co. we'll be able to enjoy some adult treats of our own. For the first time, the GR brewing company is releasing canned hard seltzers!

Founders began serving Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer Strawberry on tap at its Grand Rapids and Detroit taprooms last month. They just announced they're adding more flavors and cans will be shipped to select states (including Michigan) and be available to buy in stores in October.

Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer Strawberry and Lime flavors will be available in 6-packs of 12oz cans. AND, for the first time in Founders history a variety 15-pack of 12oz cans will also be released with Grapefruit as the third flavor.

Founders says they're "elevating" our hard seltzer experience, using premium ingredients like blue agave nectar, cane sugar, real fruit juice, and a dash of sea salt.

Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzers are 110 calories and 4.5% ABV.

So how did the new hard seltzer come to be? According to Founders, the wife of their VP of marketing thought the Founders Mas Agave beer was too strong. So her hubs cut it with some seltzer-- and tada! She loved it! The VP took the idea to Founders' CEO and the new product concept was born. Founders'  Brewmaster and Research and Development Brewer then spent months honing the recipe. According to Founders,

"They took the same craft approach used for our beer for this seltzer – and came up with the most refreshing and great-tasting seltzer ever."

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