The whole week should be a national holiday!

TownSquare Media
TownSquare Media

Deep under the city streets of Grand Rapids there are barrels of KBS or Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

And coming up on March 6-11th they're going to be tapping barrels of that tasty beverage at places all over town.

Locations are as follows

Monday 3/6 - Gravity - The Green Well - Big Bob's Pizza
Tuesday 3/7 - Rockwell Republic - Last Chance Tavern and Grill - O'Toole's Public House
Wednesday 3/8 - The Score - Uccello's Ristorante (Caledonia) - Derby Station
Thursday 3/9 - Monelli's - 84th Street Pub & Grille - Z's Bar & Restaurant
Friday The Old Goat - The Cottage Bar - The B.O.B.
Saturday Founders Taproom

Get more info like time and a directions here.

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