Grand Rapids' Founders Brewing is expanding yet again - but this time, it isn't in Grand Rapids.

Tuesday it was announced that Founders will be opening a taproom in Detroit near the newly constructed Little Caesar's Arena.

The brewery will be located in the lower Cass Corridor neighborhood of Detroit, directly behind the Masonic Temple.

In a release, Mike Stevens, the Co-founder and CEO of Founders, said that Detroit and Founders are a perfect match.

The city of Detroit and Founders have a lot in common – we hit rock bottom and we bounced right back. It took years of hard work, tenacity and a regret nothing attitude, but we did it and we see those struggles reflected in the struggles and ultimate triumph of Detroit. And the people that live there? Tough-as-nails, industrious, culturally diverse, passionate and incredibly vocal about their love for Founders. This taproom is for them.

Construction is expected to start this summer, and they're aiming to open the taproom sometime next winter.

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