The local brewery really just wanted to know what beers they should bring back. But they found out what they REALLY need.

They Left It A Little Too Open Ended

In a tweet Friday afternoon, Founders Brewery tweeted simply the words 'Bring Back _________'.

They later stated that they were hoping for a discussion about what beers they had made in the past might be brought back for consumption, but the open ended question left amateur philosophers longing for a day when people had certain qualities, oh, like empathy, compassion and common sense.

Tweeters immediately jumped to fill in the blank with some hopeful thoughts.

Common sense. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen some

Which led to deeper thoughts like...

sanity and rational thinking

And this...

People caring about other people.

And of course....

Empathy, kindness and humility

Founders Brewing Co./ Facebook
Founders Brewing Co./ Facebook

A Reminder Over What Their Product Is Didn't Help

At this point, the social media director immediately jumped in to kind of let people know what might be the overall goal of the post.

We were mainly thinking of old retired beers, but we guess taco bell menu items work too.

To which Twitter turned it up a notch and began having a field day with memes of a nostalgic desire for long lost hockey teams (we're looking at you, Hartford Whalers), TV show characters (Ross from Friends), rock gods (Eddie Van Halen) and other things like...



My youth.


The 80s




Crystal Pepsi

And this impossible wish...

Defense in the NBA

Founders may be able to bring back Mango Magnifico and Double Barrel KBS, but bringing back defense in the NBA may be a bridge too far.

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