Good news if you live on the west side or if you like to go out on Bridge Street and want a slice of pizza before Lyfting home!

GR Mag reports that Fratelli’s Pizza is reopened on Bridge Street. Maybe you were like me the other day and noticed they were closed with paper on the windows. Not great when you want some ‘za after enjoying adulating on Bridge Street.  Well, that’s done.   They closed for remodeling on January 28th and reopened March 9th.

What changed?  For you, the person who wants a slice of late-night pizza, nothing really. They upgraded the counter area and added a 2nd pizza oven.  The menu will have a new look, but will still be the same great pizza we’ve all been grabbing at 2 am, since 2009, according to GR Mag.

It’s just good to know that they’re back open and we can fill our munchie needs again.


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