West Michigan business owner and reality TV star, Stephanie Davison, found herself in some legal trouble back in May after making false claims about preventing COVID-19.

Davison, who appeared on the TLC show 90 Day Fiancé, is the owner of Skin Envy in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo; and spoke on WOOD-TV's EightWest to promote her business, specifically Ipamorelin/Sermorelin injections. The purpose of the injection is to stimulate the [natural-producing] human growth hormone (HGH), and therefore reverse signs of aging.

Well, during her appearance and with no proven evidence, stated that the injections can prevent COVID-19 and used fear to encourage viewers to buy the injections. Afterwards, Davison received an NIA (Notice of Intended Action) from the state. At the time, Attorney General Nessel said

Misleading and false claims related to consumer products will not be tolerated.

Three months later, they have reached a settlement. Davison has agreed to:

  • Retract her statements for 30 days on her personal Instagram account.
  • Add potential side effects the injections can cause to the Skin Envy website (which were previously missing).
  • Pay $4,000 (by 9/1) for the investigation cost that the Department of AG spent into her case.

Davison is also not allowed to use the video of her appearance for any form of advertisement.

AG Nessel said she was pleased with the outcome and hope that this proves her office doesn't take situations like this lightly.

The assurance of compliance documents can be seen here.

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Skin Envy is a non-surgical weight loss center with locations in West Michigan and northern Michigan. The section about sermorelin injections on the website has been updated and now states that it can't be used a substitute to the COVID-19 vaccine. Towards the bottom there is also a disclaimer about possible side affects

Stephanie Davison first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé  in late December of last year with her then boyfriend, Ryan. Throughout the season we saw the two make up and break up before eventually calling it quits after she refused to continue to send him money back home in Belize.

While she hasn't recanted her former claims as of yet, Stephanie did post about it saying it's "the worst thing she's ever endured."

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