Starting this fall, some high school students will be able to take college courses.

The Grand Rapids Public School and Grand Rapids Community College teamed up to create an 'Early Middle College' program. This will allow students to take college classes that will earn them credit towards getting their Associates Degree.

About 50 sophomore students will be enrolled in Early Middle College and attend high school through the 13th grade. The classes will be taught by teachers from the community college. When they graduate, they will be receiving a high school diploma and an Associates Degree.

Worried about how much it will cost? Don't be. The courses are being offered for free. Credits earned can also be transferred to any four-year university of the student's choice.

As of right now, the program is only being offered at Ottawa Hills High School, but GRPS and GRCC hope to expand it as time moves on.

The Early Middle College Program has had successful results in Wyoming and Cedar Springs.

Parents who have kids who attend Ottawa Hills High School should encourage their them to take advantage of this opportunity.

Qualifications include:

  • Have at minimum 2.5 GPA at the end of 9th grade.
  • Student MUST commit to completing the 13th grade.
  • Complete application by January 31.


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