The price of gas is starting to go back up. For the first time this year, gas was back up to $2.19. I know, you shouldn't complain about that price when 6 months ago it was $3.50.

The price spike was due to a barrel of oil going up 3 dollars a gallon on Friday. The worldwide oil slump might be ending. Crap.

"A year from now, we may look back on January 30, 2015 as the day oil prices began to rise again. At about 1:30 p.m. EST on Friday, the price of oil began to pop and near the end of the day West Texas Intermediate oil -- the U.S. benchmark -- was up $3 per barrel to $47.43.

The move was swift and traders were looking at rapidly falling drilling budgets and a surprise drop in drilling activity as a sign the market's oversupply could be coming to an end. Here's what you need to know about the most recent big move in oil prices."

The website was shoing prices in the GR area bottoming out around $2.05. Still way better that $3.75, but still!

John Moore/Getty Images
John Moore/Getty Images

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