The tornado which devastatingly ripped through Gaylord yesterday is still being coped and dealt with, as one person has confirmed to have passed while over 40 have been injured. One woman shared her near death experience with multiple videos online while she was inside of a Hobby Lobby. Brittany Gunderson was shopping when the tornado, which many claim came out of nowhere, ripped through the store as she was frozen still:

The most terrifying experience of my life. I just watched a tornado tear through Hobby Lobby while i stood frozen in the isle. The screams. Watching the roof come off. The wind and the rain and the darkness crushed through the back of the store and I just stood there and watched because I had no idea how to take cover.
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She goes on to talk about the experience of breaking out of her shock to realize the gravity of the situation:
I turned around to see if I could find something to shield myself and then I watched the front of the stores roof come off. Again I stood there and I watched.That tornado tore through the store and my life was spared and I’ve never been more terrified and grateful at the same time… until I couldn’t get ahold of my kids. Luckily it didn’t hit East side and they all made it to the basement. I’m glad it was my experience and not theirs.
You can view her video below. We all here at Townsquare Media give our heart and hopes for the people of Gaylord as they try to recover from this devastating event:

It's been 42 years and still the tornado that tore through Kalamazoo in 1980 is still fresh in everyone's mind, as the city had to stop and work to recover from the millions of dollars in damage it caused. There has not yet been word on how much damage this particular tornado caused, but the community is already rallying to try and recover. Michigan isn't apart of tornado alley, but as you can see from the photos below, it is a problem we do have to be cautious of:

Tornadoes in Michigan, Early 1900s

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