Kiss star Gene Simmons’s son Nick has described his father as an “egomaniac,” a “philanderer” and “abrasive” – but also as a “consent addict” who is unlikely to be guilty of sexual misconduct.

Simmons Sr. is the subject of a lawsuit filed by a woman identified as Jane Doe, which claims that he forced her to put her hand on his knee and then groped her. He later issued a strong denial via Ultimate Classic Rock, saying: “I look forward to my day in court where the evidence will prove my innocence.”

Nick Simmons told TMZ that he doubted the allegations, and that he was concerned that fake claims negatively impacted the #MeToo campaign, which grew in the aftermath of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein being accused of misconduct by multiple women.

“We’ve heard someone came forward and he’s told us it was a straight-up lie,” Simmons Jr. said. “He’s my dad. I believe him … No one is accusing him of not being an abrasive kind of a––hole, but I think there’s a hard line to draw between being unlikeable and being an abrasive personality, and being someone who abuses people or molests people.

“I always think of this movement as sort of like a nuclear bomb… you hit the targets that need to be hit, like Weinstein, monsters – and there’s collateral damage because of groupthink and mob mentality. So I think this is somebody who is taking advantage of a good thing for selfish reasons. He’s on record for being a philanderer for sure. He was unfaithful to my mother… He’s a f––g egomaniac. If anything, he’s a consent addict. He wants vehement consent, that’s his whole thing. He wants people to like him. He doesn’t want to force the unwilling. That doesn’t seem like his personality.”

Asked whether the experience might change his dad, Nick replied: “I f––g hope so,” explaining that the star had “failed to adapt” to changing times and adding: “I think he has to; I think we all have to.” He continued: “And if it turns out my father did do something, I will love him and support him as we oblige him to do better. I’m not going to abandon my father, but at the same time I’m not going to turn a blind eye if he did something sh––y.”

He said of Jane Doe: “If she’s telling the truth I want to hear what she has to say, and if she’s lying, then I think for the good of the #MeToo movement, i think she should come forward and do the right thing.”


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