This probably isn’t what a guy wants to hear when he breaks up with a woman, but George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend now says they had a “father-daughter relationship.”

In the new book ‘Questo Amore (This Love)’ by Bruno Vespa, Elisabetta Canalis says that the relationship she had with Clooney was “more of a father-daughter relationship. I was unable to clarify this until now,” she says. She also explained that he was “very important” to her, “much like a father would be.”

Canalis, a model, Italian TV star and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant, is 33 years old. Clooney is 50, so maybe she’s referring to the age difference between them or the respect she has for him. She says that they broke up not because he doesn’t want to have kids or get married, but because of “personal needs.”

In other news, Clooney is now reportedly dating another ‘Dancing with the Stars’ castoff, Stacey Kiebler.


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