A brand new public service announcement from the German government has gone viral for calling on its young people to sit at home and be couch potatoes.

The PSA was released online on Saturday and it has blown up.  In the video, a German man is reminiscing about the Winter of 2020 when COVID-19 was ravaging the globe.  He talks about how the entire country of Germany had to come together and sacrifice for the greater good.  So, what was the sacrifice?  Being lazy and not leaving your house.  Heck, don't even leave the couch, as the video suggests.

Germany is currently in the midst of its second wave of infections of COVID-19 and has restrictions in place that are similar to the new restrictions that Michigan has put into place.  Germany's second wave has plateaued between about 15,000 and 18,500 new cases each day for the last couple of weeks.

The German Government hopes that the mix of comedy and seriousness in their new PSA will really ring true with the German public.  Maybe we need something like this in Michigan to get more people on board with limiting their activities outside of the home as we continue to post record breaking new COVID-19 infections.

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