One of the best parts when nice weather rolls around in Grand Rapids, so do the food trucks. While we probably won't be hitting a food truck festival any time soon, we can thankfully still get our fix this weekend, and safely.

Food Truck Drive Thru will be held tonight from 5p-9p and Saturday from 11a-7p at 1535 Monroe Ave NW.

According to the Facebook event page, this is a way to support our local businesses and you can do so without even having to get out of your car. People will be able to either order online first and then get the food delivered to your car or order at the truck [at a distance] and then get the food delivered to your car.

Patty Matters and Barry G's Italian Ice will be the vendors on Friday or get some delicious Cuban food from El Caribe on Saturday.

If you can't make it this weekend, luckily, different food trucks will be partaking in Food Truck Drive Thru every week. You can see a list of upcoming dates here.

If you have a licensed food truck in Grand Rapids and are interested in this event, you can contact the organizer at

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