Things in Ohio may not be going so well for GM but in Michigan 400 new jobs are on the way.

According to FOX 17, General Motors has announced that it will build a new electric vehicle plant in Orion Township Michigan that will cost about $300 million dollars.

The manufacturing plant will be for Chevrolet and it will build an electric car that will be similar to the battery powered Bolt.

GM is staying tight lipped on when the factory will be built, when it will hire new employees or if it will be bringing in workers from the other four plants that will be closed by January of 2020.

GM is also looking to invest another $1.4 billion in other existing factories in the United States and that should bring in another 300 jobs but there has been no time table for this venture either.

General Motors spokesman Dan Flores says the company has plans for 20 new all electric vehicles that will be introduced globally by 2023.

The new electric cars will be based on the Bolt that can last 238 miles on one single charge. GM hopes to improve on the Bolt factory and car ideas for the future.

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