These golfers were on fire this round. Well, almost.

A photo of some golfers playing on a course while a widlfire rages on in the background has taken the Internet by storm. And for good reason. Look at it for yourself.

This shot is so outrageous that many thought it was fake, but it is all too real, reports Oregon Live.

The golfers were at Beacon Rock Golf Course, in North Bonneville, Wash. this past Monday, while the blaze took place about a mile away on the Oregon side of the Columbia River.

The photographer in question isn't even a photographer. She's been identified as Kristi McCluer, who works in billing. She enjoys taking photos for fun, but considers herself nothing more than a "girl with a camera."

Brandon Crawford was one of the golfers in the photo and he said the whole scene was surreal. "When we first started there was a fire maybe the size of a grocery store," he said. "By the end of hole two, it was just crazy."

These wouldn't be the first people to look out of place as a natural disaster took place so close. You may remember the Canadian man who calmly mowed his lawn as a tornado loomed not too far away.

The club itself shared the photo on its Facebook page. It also made its way to Reddit, where it took off.

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