In a recently posted TikTok video, Governor Gretchen Whitmer revealed some things about herself, including her choice of which rock song gets her blood moving.

Whitmer, who has been posting pretty regularly since getting a TikTok account earlier this month, revealed quite a few things about herself in a video in which she was answering personal questions posed by an aide.

In the two minute video, Whitmer talked about her favorite part of the day (early morning), what is making her feel positive these days (the state's resilient citizens) and her favorite movie (The Big Lebowski).

Big Gretch, as she calls herself on TikTok (her account is @BigGretchWhitmer), also revealed her most embarrassing moment as Governor, which involved tripping over a mic cord, and earned her the nickname Gravity Gretchen.

But the big moment came when the Governor was asked about her favorite song. Being a child of the '80s, Whitmer said she gets a little fired up when "Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns n Roses comes on. "That's kind of my 'let's take it on' song."

In other highlights, Whitmer says she's only Googled herself once and that was too much and that rude people are a pet peeve.

"You know when you go out to eat and people are just rude to the server? I cannot abide. The dude does not abide. That's a Big Lebowski reference."

She says her kids are her biggest inspiration and that humility is a life lesson we all must learn.

"It's a lesson that many of us learn early and often."


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