And you wind up liking the former Holland Christian and Michigan State quarterback even more.

Cousins, who currently plays for the NFL's Washington Redskins, was featured in GQ magazine for their NFL issue.

Among the things we find out about Cousins in the in-depth interview -- he wires his brain to make it work in an ideal state, he's building a giant house on the lake in Saugatuck, and God told him to refuse a contract offer.

What about that last tidbit? Yup, Cousins said he prayed over the long term deal that would have made him the second highest paid player in the league, and given him about five years of security:

“I just need to trust [the Lord]. Worry and control is not going to get me anywhere. The Lord’s a gambler, and he’s kind of used my football journey to challenge me in that [faith] every single year. And that’s why I think the Lord likes one-year contracts. Because I don’t have control.”

The article goes on to reveal the Cousins and his wife have bought some lakefront land near Saugatuck where they're building a big home. 

They waited to buy because Cousins wanted to see how the season went, to make sure he was “in a place to be a starting quarterback making the salary that a starting quarterback makes.” He never expected this career to happen, even if he'd optimized himself to create the best possible chance that it would.

Overall, the piece reveals Cousins to be a humble, kind of geeky, uptight soul, who is true to himself, even if that comes off as a little weird (he electronically scans his brain for optimal performance and is so tense, his wife says he wears socks and shoes on the beach). Which makes you like him a little bit more.

As one Reddit reader confessed during a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' segment:

“Kirk, stop making me like you. I’m supposed to hate you.”

But how can you hate a guy who's catch phrase 'YOU LIKE THAT!'

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