Jared Chance, the man who mutilated 31-year-old Ashley Young, is now being charged with her murder.

According to WOOD, prosecutors have charged Chance with murder and 3 counts of tampering with evidence.

29-year-old Chance was already facing charges of mutilation of a dead body and concealing the death of Young, not to mention facing life in prison because he is a fourth time habitual offender.

Chance is not the only one charged, his parents, James and Barbara Chance of Holland, have both been charged with being accessories after the fact and withholding information which led to a perjury charge.

Apparently, Chance informed his parents that he had dismembered Young's body and hid some of the remains. The parents then went to police the next day but didn't tell the officers all they new.

Not all of Ashley Young's remains have been located.

Chance did attempt to apologize to Young's mother in hopes of offering her some piece but said, "I don't know what to say or do."

Chance will be arraigned this Friday.

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