Laurie Laughlin is aware her name is close to Lori Loughlin's, who plays 'Aunt Becky' on 'Full House'. What she wasn't aware of (until recently) is how much people hate 'Aunt Becky'.

Laurie, a local stand up comic and motivational speaker, has noticed in the past that people would, at times, mistake her online for the actress Lori, but until recently people had nothing but love for the actress Lori, and nobody shares love on Twitter.

They do, however, share hate.

Laurie's twitter feed (@LaurieLaughlin_) started receiving angry tweets directed at the actress almost as soon as Lori was being investigated for paying bribes to get her daughter into college.

Actress Lori soon deleted her Twitter profile, leaving Grand Rapids Laurie to receive some nastiness directed at Lori via tweets. She has been documenting the misplaced anger on her blog at

All it would take is simple knowledge of the alphabet to know the difference, not to mention, it's very clear on Laurie's Twitter profile that she is NOT that Lori, but that doesn't curtail people who just want to vent.

And the number one complaint? 'Why are you smiling?' Laurie told me this morning.

'This is not a smiling matter!'

Some tweets were too offensive to talk about on the radio.

'I also noticed the political divide is equally balanced. There are POTUS supporters and POTUS haters,' Laurie told me.

It's encouraging to see that in this time of great political divisiveness, we all agree that we hate 'Aunt Becky'.

My favorite tweet to Laurie: 'You're going from Full House to the Big House'.

One particular person, a woman named Carol, thought for the longest time she was actually venting to the real Lori Loughlin.

Here's that exchange via Laurie's blog:

Carol: LaurieLaughlin_ I hope you are sent to prison for years for your major participation in the pay to play scams. You think your celebrity status will save you. It won’t.

LL: You think I have celebrity status? #swoon

Carol: You and your husband are like so many other rich people. You paid $500,000 to buy daughter’s entry.

LL: Bad vowel movement, Carol.

Carol: You’re being ridiculous.

LL: You seem to know a lot about my husband’s finances which is a bit weird for me, considering I’m not married.

Carol: Oh please, your ridiculous responses don’t even deserve the time it takes to reply to you LaurieLaughlin_. You still make me sick to think you’re so privileged to buy your daughter’s entrance to USC. I graduated from UNC with a 3.96 GPA and paid my own way.

LL: Your 3.96 at UNC didn’t help you with google sleuthing. I’d ask for a refund. Duke is better.

LL: Carol, I really am a nice person. Maybe we should talk in person. I’ll give you 2 tickets for my next upcoming show, then I’ll buy you a coffee after the show. How’s that sound?

Carol: Thanks for the offer. FL is too far from CA. It’s disgusting you paid $500,000. Felicity admitted guilt. 

Then Carol posted a screen shot of an article with headline spelled Lori Loughlin and “Loughlin & her husband pleaded not guilty.”

LL: Carol, Carol, Carol. Use your GPA to figure it out. It’s right in front of you. Take another look.

Carol: I have spelled your name correctly, Laurie Laughlin. See? I know how to spell your name correctly. Don’t be such a snob. You are no better than anyone else. Wealth and notoriety don’t determine quality and decency of a human being.

LL: Carol, I tried to spell it out for you, but I and my fans can’t sit back and watch you embarrass yourself any further. Then I posted this graphic:


Carol: Good luck in court. Don’t bother me again!

Enter random twitter follower: Carol – YOU’VE MADE THE SAME MISTAKE AS OTHERS. Heck I even started following her because she wasn’t the real Laurie, just to watch her responses to ppl like you.

Hear Jojo's conversation with Laurie:




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