Grand Haven is definitely a summer hot spot in West Michigan but unfortunately the pier won't be a part of it this summer.

WOOD-TV reports that structural problems were discovered which is causing the delay. One of the engineers working on the pier said that they found broken tie rods that hold the structure together. The cost to replace and fix this is going to be about $100,000.

The Grand Haven Pier is a big tourist attraction, especially during the Coast Guard Festival (July 28 - August 6), but unfortunately it won't be open until mid-October. A new catwalk was also supposed to be installed but because of the delay that won't be put in until next year.

This is now a $3.2 million project to fix and re-build the pier. This includes a one-million-dollar fundraising goal to save the catwalk and WOOD-TV says they have so far raised $650,000.

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