The fathers of the Grand Haven girls volleyball team decided to put on their daughter's jerseys and wade into a cold Lake Michigan. The resulting photo has gone viral.

Lexie Kallio's dad had no idea that when he borrowed her and all her teammates jerseys to recreate the volleyball team photo that it would receive this kind of attention.

“We stole our kids jerseys on Saturday, and showed up on the beach on Sunday morning,” volleyball dad Roger Swierbut told FOX-17 News.

To get the photo exactly right, the dads had to wade out into a now chilly Lake Michigan.

“It was just hilarious. The dads lined up with where the girls were,” head volleyball coach Aaron Smaka added.

The most striking difference in the photos? The girls seem uniformly tall while the Dads' heights go up and down like a rollercoaster.

FOX 17 tells of the genesis of the photo, and how the girls feel about it.







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