Last year, Brian, an area math teacher created a $5000 treasure hunt around Grand Rapids, you paid for your clues in hopes of finding the treasure?

Well, it’s back again, The Metro Area Treasure Hunt kicked off its second year, Thursday, August 24th.

According to their website, to get the clues you just have to join and pay $19.99.  You get new clues every two days.  They’ve also added a new feature, which is you can pay $.99 a clue extra and get the all the clues at once if you want.

WZZM13 also reported another rule change with this year’s game:

Physical landmarks are now incorporated into the hunt. These will help guide people seeking out the prize.


Also, don’t expect to stumble on a bag of cash somewhere around the city.  The treasure is a certificate and that you verify on the website if you find it.


Source: WZZM13, M.A.T.H.

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