Sure, the Mackinac Bridge Walk every Labor Day is a bucket list event, but if you've already done it, or you don't want to deal with heavy traffic, the GR version is a wonderful back up. And IT'S BACK!!

I would highly recommend the walk across Big Mac, if only to regale in the enormity of that structure, not to mention the scary view from the deck grating to the swirling Straits below.

But, if you can't make it out, the Grand Rapids Community Bridge Walk returns this year for a stroll across not one, but six bridges.

The walks are equal in distance, both being around five miles, but while the Big Mac stroll is a straight line, the GR walk winds through downtown, providing great views of the riverfront.

The walk was cancelled last year by new Mayor Rosalynn Bliss, who said at the time she wanted to concentrate on "river restoration" and other environmental initiatives.

The Walk will commence from Ah Nab Awen Park near the Gillett Bridge in front of the Ford Presidential Museum at 10am on Monday, September 4. (With some of the Riverwalk on the West Side under construction, the Walk will venture off the river to Scribner Ave. for a bit.)

The walk will cross the Sixth Street, Gillett, Blue, Pearl, Bridge and Wealthy Street Bridges before winding back around to Ah Nab Awen,where the West Michigan Labor Fest will be going on until the late afternoon with food, rides and games.

"I am happy this event has transitioned into a Community Bridge Walk organized by our Parks and Recreation Department," Bliss said in a statement. "I look forward to joining Grand Rapidians on Labor Day. This is a great community event that brings people together."

Over 1500 people participated in the last walk in 2015.

And if you're at the Lakeshore, Grand Haven also has a Bridge Walk scheduled.

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