Grand Rapids may be known as "Beer City USA" but let's not underestimate the food scene in the city.

So I'm not surprised that one of our own is going to be highlighted on a national level. Executive Chef Clark Frain of Terra restaurant will be appearing on the Food Network on Tuesday, June 2nd.

Supermarket Stakeout is a competition-style show, between four chefs, set up in front of a grocery store. Chefs are given a theme each round and must use the $500 they're given to buy grocery bags from unsuspecting shoppers coming out of the market. That's not the only twist because chefs have no idea what's in the bag(s) they just bought, so unless they planned on using cough syrup in their dish, they have to hope for some good food items.  At the end, the winner receives a year's worth of groceries.

The episode for June 2 is titled "Burger Night Bonanza"

It's burger night in the parking lot of Bristol Farms in Calabasas, Calif., as host Alex Guarnaschelli challenges four chefs try to craft the perfect burger ... with or without the meat and bun. Then it's time to serve up some Southern charm before the final two chefs make their best midnight snack.

I'm happy to report that I've eaten a burger at Terra before and it was delicious so I'm not too worried about Chef Frain's ability. However, I'm also hoping he gets the ingredients to make the Kale Caesar salad that's served at Terra. It is the best caesar salad I've ever eaten in my life. Yes, ever. You may think I'm being dramatic but that salad will change your life... at least your taste buds.

Terra is an American farm-to-table restaurant that uses local ingredients and is located on Lake Dr. in Eastown. They are currently open for take-out, including beer and wine to-go or a cocktail kit.

Supermarket Stakeout airs Tuesdays on the Food Network at 10 p.m.

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