Will, the 28 year old academic interventionist, saw his luck run out as he failed to earn a rose from The Bachelorette, Michelle.

Will was a just week out from some controversy when Peter tossed his Top Gun bomber jacket in the pool, was part of a group date with Chris S, Casey, Chris G, Leroy, Rodney, Brandon, Clayton, Joe, Romeo and Nayte.

It was supposed to be a pajama party, but there were too many goodies and while the guys enjoyed an ice cream sundae bar, a cotton candy machine, giant stuffed animals and party games like Twister that all of the guys on the date seemed to forget about why they were there. Like maybe they could have paid attention to Michelle.

Afterwards, Michelle admitted to the guys that she felt ignored earlier. Not like she wants any “massive romantic gifts or gestures,” but a “hello” would be nice. She pulled Nayte aside in particular and told him he doesn’t ever try to connect with her one-on-one. She got a few apologies from the guys, and some tears from Olu, who wound up getting the group date rose.

Michelle assured ALL the guys that none of them “have it in the bag” – in her words, “not even close.” Chris pulled her aside and said he thinks that not true, that Nayte pretty much has it in the bag… especially since he claims he heard Nayte bragging about how he knew he was going to get a one-on-one date. Michelle was disappointed to hear that, and when she confronted Nayte he didn’t even really deny it, saying “it is what it is.” He wasn’t happy that he was singled out by Chris S… and based on how Chris S was talking to the cameras, it looks like we might have a new season villain on our hands.

At the rose ceremony, Michelle sent home Romeo, Chris G and our very own Will. Yikes! He was the only reason I was watching, and now he's gone.

Well, I guess it's nice to have my Tuesday nights back!

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