Need a new idea for date night or hanging with friends? A new duckpin bowling alley and bar is opening downtown Grand Rapids!

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Woodrows Duckpin has announced they'll be holding a "soft opening" Friday, February 4th, 2022. For the first week, they'll be serving beer, wine, and soft drinks, and expanding to their full beverage menu Friday, February 11th.

What is Duckpin Bowling?

So what the duck is "duckpin bowling"?

Well, it's something I learned about for the first time this past fall, when we shared that a new duckpin bowling alley, the first of its kind in the city, had been proposed for downtown Grand Rapids.

It's like regular bowling, but cuter - I think so anyway, because of the squatty little bowling pins and teeny bowling balls.

Left: 10-pin bowling pin, Right: Duckpin bowling pin (Woodrows Duckpin Facebook)
Left: 10-pin bowling pin, Right: Duckpin bowling pin (Woodrows Duckpin Facebook)

The wooden balls used in duckpin bowling are about three to four pounds and they have no holes. And yes, the pins are smaller, shorter, and lighter than those used in ten-pin bowling, and they're attached to strings. The lanes are shorter as well. Like traditional bowling, you try to knock down pins in the fewest rolls per frame, but in duckpin you get three turns each time instead of two.

Sounds fun, right?

Well soon you'll be able to try it downtown Grand Rapids!

Woodrows Duckpin at the Amway Grand Plaza

WOOD TV-8 reported in September that a company called Woodrows GR, LLC was working with Brunswick Bowling of Muskegon to transform the former GP Sports bar and restaurant at the Amway Grand Plaza into a seven-lane duckpin bowling alley and bar.

GP Sports closed early in the pandemic and the Amway Grand Plaza had been searching for a new concept to replace it.

While Woodrows Duckpin doesn't have hours posted on their website yet, they do share they'll be charging for lane rental by the hour. Each lane can fit up to 6 bowlers at a time, and the cost is $30 per hour. If you need more time to finish a game, it's $17 for an additional half hour and $9 for an additional 15 minutes. There's no charge for bowling shoe rental - because you won't need them!

Note that during their soft opening Woodrows not be taking bookings online while they get their reservation system worked out, so bowling will be on a first come, first served basis.

A New Hangout Downtown Grand Rapids to Bowl, Drink, Eat

The new entertainment venue has a lounge area with plush seating, high top tables, and rails. Woodrows says, "Bowlers can bowl, hang with friends, enjoy large television displays, as well as vibe with a great selection of music."

Now, initially it did not sound like Woodrows would be serving food - but that's changed! Taco Alley is a new restaurant that will be inside Woodrows, serving up street tacos and burritos. You'll be able to bring in outside food too.

Woodrows Duckpin, Facebook
Woodrows Duckpin, Facebook

And with all the bowling and tacos you're going to need refreshments - Woodrows says they'll have a full service bar with wine, beer, and craft cocktails like The Dude, which is Stoli Vanilla, Kahlua, and cream; and the Kingpin which is your choice of Bourbon or Rye, Orange Bitters, and simple syrup, garnished with cherry and orange peel. You can check out their drink menu here.

Again though, Woodrow's says that during their first week, you'll be able to order beer, wine, and soft drinks. Keep up with more updates from Woodrow's on Facebook!

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