This preserved home movie from 1946 touts our hometown as a 'Good Place To Live'. It still is.

This YouTube post by kgbird1949 features some raw 8mm film foorage from GR back in the day.

Some of the highlights include:

* A quaint, but soon to grow airport. (1:13)

* Black smoke (coal?) billowing out of a downtown building. (1:38)

* A look at the furniture factories along the river. (2:14)

* Downtown (3:05)

* A great shot up Fulton. (3:25)

* What is now the Kendall Art Gallery along Ionia at Pearl (I believe it was a bank back then). (4:00)

* An ambulance (?) or some sort of emergency vehicle) that does not appear to be in any great hurry, and traffic that doesn't seem to care that an ambulance has its lights flashing. (5:00, and check out that car pulling out fright in front of another car at 4:58).

* Firemen running a training drill on a downtown building. (5:33)

* The old water filtration site along Monroe. (7:20)

* The old Welsh Auditorium. (8:00)

* Fountain Street Church (8:35)

* Butterworth Hospital (9:00)

* St. Mary's Hospital (9:50)

* A public pool (Richmond Street?) (11:40)

* A dude doing a painful belly flop. (12:50)

* Johnson Park (14:00)

* GR Yacht Club, Reeds Lake (15:09)

* some sort of primordial jet ski (17:18)

* An Amusement Park (17:58)

* A HUGE Farmer's Market ((21:42)

* Cascade Hills Country Club (22:40)

* A passenger train headed out (25:39)

If you know someone who could help identify some of the things in here I missed, let us know.



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