When Joseph Alexander was cleaning house, he set out a box of stuff in the yard with a sign saying 'FREE STUFF'. Apparently, people driving by didn't quite understand the concept and took $3000 worth of his actual stuff.

Lesson learned.

Alexander says there was a clear limit to what was free and what wasn't, but people driving by his West Side home on McReynolds either didn't care, or didn't pay attention and walked off with power tools, a lawnmower, and pool tarp among other things.

"They pretty much cleaned us out," Alexander told WZZM-13 TV


"They even went so far as to take the ash trays off the table."

Joseph says he can't press charges because the sign said 'FREE', but he hopes some neighbors will understand the mistake and return some of the stuff they took.

I have to say, judging from how the yard is set up in the WZZM video below, I kind of understand the misunderstanding. I'm just surprised they didn't take the tables he used to separate the free stuff from the not free stuff.


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