A Grand Rapids man who just won $500,000 playing the Michigan Lottery describes it as "indescribable."

The 48-year-old anonymous man bought a Crown Jewels lotto ticket at Champion Beverage on Leonard St. NE in Grand Rapids. The man said he normally likes to buy tickets and decided to purchase a few while at the store. He immediately scratched his tickets when he got in his car.

The man said he didn't match any numbers on the ticket except when he scratched the crown which revealed the crown! He told lotto officials,

...I started scratching the last digit of the winning amount under the crown, which was a zero. I scratched another zero and another and knew I won big. It was such a crazy feeling!

I bet it was a crazy feeling! I know I'd be screaming if this were me. But the big question is what does he plan on doing with his winnings? He said buy a new car and save the rest of the money. It's unknown if he took the lump sum or chose to get paid out over a period of time.

Crown Jewels is a $5 ticket that was launched this past February and since then, has paid out players $8 million in prizes. People can win anywhere from $5 to the $500,000 grand prize playing Crown Jewels. According to the Michigan Lottery, two more grand prize winnings are still out there.

2020 was a huge year for the Michigan Lottery, especially during the pandemic. Players won more than $1.5 billion in prizes.

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