Winter Storm Mateo (can we stop with this naming thing already?) will bring another significant snow event to West Michigan, and originally it looked like GR was in line for 3-6 inches. That could go up a bit.

The latest snowfall map issued by the National Weather Service is now showing GR in line for more like 6-8 inches of snowfall with this storm. The bulk of the big snows will still be south and east of Grand Rapids, with Lansing due for up to 12 inches of snowfall, and Kalamazoo up to 18 inches. (Yikes!)

Compounding matter for Grand Rapids is a lake effect start to the storm, which could lay an additional 2 inches to the total.

Sharpen those snow shovels!

Here's the thing about naming winter storms: can we name them after Norse gods or Scandinavian princesses? Mateo reminds me of being on a beach somewhere south of the border, while LARS or HELGA sounds more winter like.



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