He's a professional gamer and he slays! Luke Sharretts , a.k.a. “FaZe Scope,” is making another name for himself in the gaming world. His talents are becoming well known for what he can do while playing the popular game series Call of Duty.

Sharretts won a contest a few month ago with FaZe Clan. Sharretts told Fox 17,

"FaZe just represents a bunch of people that love to pursue their passion, and it's awesome to see the growth that FaZe has had since 2010 when they were founded.”

Faze Clan is one of the top esports organizations in the world. It's a group Sharretts has been a fan of since he was 10 years old. Part of being an online gamer includes voyeuristic activities from fans. At any given point, Sharretts will have hundreds of fans watching and interacting with him while he plays on Twitch. Sharretts has thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel where they watch his highlights.

Sharretts has begun a career path that includes advertisers and sponsorships. He says,

 "This is an actual career path now; it's not just sitting online, sitting on your video games being a loser all day, like, you can actually create connections."

As of May 2019, Call of Duty has sold over 300 million copies. The series is verified by the Guinness World Records as the best-selling first-person shooter game series. It is also the most successful video game franchise created in the United States and the third highest-grossing video game franchise of all time.

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