Grand Rapids is topping yet another list (if you haven't been following along, Grand Rapids has been #1 at a lot of things over the last several years.)  According to, Grand Rapids residents have "The Most Balanced Lifestyle" in the entire country!

What does that mean?  Well, the study took into consideration the following:

  • Average commute times
  • How much of their incomes residents spend on housing
  • How many hours people work compared to how much they earn
  • Local income inequality
  • How many people are in very good or excellent health
  • Whether they get enough sleep at night
  • How local prices for typical consumer goods and services (excluding housing) compare with the national average

The study concluded that Grand Rapids enjoys low housing costs in relation to income, a quite short average commute time (22 min), low prices on consumer goods compared to the national average.

Grand Rapids came in first on the list, followed by: Salt Lake City, Utah (#2), Minneapolis, Minnesota (#3), Raleigh, North Carolina (#4), and Kansas City, Missouri (#5).

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