Was your grampa a bootlegger? Was there an uncle who liked to gamble in illegal back rooms? Maybe you'll see them soon online.

I love old timey photos, and if they're mug shots -- even better! The City of Grand Rapids has begun to digitize some of their historical photographs, and will begin an Instagram feed so you can see them as well.

Grand Rapids Archive Officer Tony Wright told WOOD TV 8 News that they are working on a project to digitize jail photos from 1928-1934 and share them. The photos had recently been saved from the trash by an alert employee.

“In many cases, these are the only known photographs of the individuals,” said Wright. “Because it’s hard to know if any other images of these people exist within the families.”

Many of the photos were from people busted for just having a little drink. During the Prohibition, all alcohol was illegal, so just having some on you could result in an arrest.

Wright says the Instagram page will be up as early as next month, but in the meantime, you can enjoy some of the photos now on the Grand Rapids city web site.



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