The sun failed to show up at all from Sunday, January 22 until Saturday, January 28. That's seven consecutive days with no sun, and that made us the cloudiest city in the world.

We've since added three more cloudy days, which makes this the cloudiest ever period in Grand Rapids history. The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow (right, Annie?), but it will be between lake effect snow showers, so it may not relieve our blahs.

George Steffen, meteorologist at WOOD-TV 8 adds even more sad, sunless facts:

We’ve had 19 out of 28 days (in January 2017) with no sunshine and 37 out of 59 days since Dec. 1 and…since Dec. 1 – we’ve only had 4 days with at least 50% sunshine.  We’re at 13% of possible sunshine for Jan., after getting only 9% in Dec.  In the last 20 years, we’ve had 5 months will less than 10% sun (Nov. 1992 – 5% – cloudiest month ever), Dec. 2008 – 7%, Dec. 2002 – 8%, Dec. 2005 and 2016, both 9%).  Least sunshine in any Jan. was 6% in 1998 (a year with a strong El Nino).

So, to recount.

* Cloudiest Week Ever

* Cloudiest Place IN THE WORLD!!

* NO SUNSHINE for over ten days!!

Yikes! It makes me want to sign up for a steady drip of Vitamin D.

And to make matters worse, a January thaw took away all the snow, which usually helps alleviate our pain, because at least we can get out and enjoy some winter sports.

Here's how I look after a week with no sun. Spring can get here soon enough, can it?

no sun

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