I love the pride people have in their part of the country.  Well, most of the time.  Sometimes the southern pride thing is a bit much, coming from a former southerner, but that's a different blog.   This post is celebrating something that is so very Northern Midwest U.S.

I came across a tweet from @morninggloria that said her 4-year-old nephew had asked to be something only a northern born child would ask: he wanted to be the SS Edmund Fitzgerald,

My 4yo nephew told everybody that he wanted to be the Edmund Fitzgerald (erstwhile largest cargo ship in the Great Lakes that sank in Lake Superior in 1975, killing all 29 crew aboard) for Halloween and my mother made him an Edmund Fitzgerald costume. That’s it. That’s the tweet

She followed up with a picture from her mom and the costume is completely on point.  In the text thread from the pic, @morninggloria's mom says she even put lights on it and a fleece bottom, plus suspenders to keep it on the young captain.

Very creative costume; too bad most Halloween costume contests a 4-year-old can enter, don't usually pay off that well. Also, this is only something a toddler in the Northern Midwest would know about and want to be a for freight night.

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