Often times unsolved mysteries leave many wondering about their surroundings, especially when the mysteries involve disappearance or weird places. From mysterious lights and death to weirdly cursed stones, the mysteries that exist within the midwest are wild.

Mysteries Unloaded is a TikTok page solely devoted to "going over mysteries and stuff" as the page's bio says. They discuss the known facts about mysteries and other interesting topics in the world, including these three mysteries that occurred in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

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Michigan's Night Light

There is a Lantern-like light that appears in a valley in Paulding, Michigan that has been showing shortly after dusk since the 1960s. Michigan Technological(Tech) University and Syfy channel did studies of their own and came to two different conclusions.

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Michigan Tech believed that the light was simply just car headlights being seen from 4-7 miles away while the Syfy channel said they couldn't find a scientific explanation for this shining light in the upper peninsula city. Although many different scientific theories like car lights, swamp lights, etc., there is no confirmed source for the light.

The most popular theory is this light is from a brave man's ghost who died while trying to stop a train from hitting a railcar. There is an official US Forest Service marker at the sight, letting visitors know where they can view the phenomenon.

Indiana Double Death

Clarence Roberts allegedly lost his life to fire twice, yes you read that right, he died by fire TWICE. I had no clue that double jeopardy applied to your life as well, but on a serious note, this scenario will leave your brain sputtering with questions.

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A large fire broke out in November of 1970 in the Roberts' backyard and at the end of it all, they found the limbless body of Clarence Roberts with a half-melted shotgun, or so they thought. The medical and dental history didn't match because Roberts had killed a homeless man, chopped off his limbs, and burned his body.

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His family denied that it was Clarence after looking at the body, effectively saying he did die in the fire that occurred 10 years prior and labeling this fire a clear act of arson. This was after many believed they had been seeing Clarence after the first fire.

Essentially they can't decide if my man tried to kill a homeless man and fake his own death for insurance money before dying in a horrific house fire or if this is some crazy mystery where he actually died twice by the same cause of death. Seems like there's only one logical answer to this if you ask me.

Illinois and The Sorcerer's Stone

In 1975, Gilbert and Trudy Woods dug up a strangely engraved stone in their backyard. The stone had two intertwined serpents and other weird symbols, but they had no clue where the stone had come from.

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Shortly after removing the stone from the ground, Gilbert experienced a heart attack while his wife Trudy became unexplainably blind for 3 months and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis(MS) before giving the stone away to a friend who experience paranormal activity and was swarmed by bees in the middle of the winter.

The location of the stone is unknown today and there is still no evidence or scientific explanation as to what role the stone played. Was the stone cursed? Did these things happen to them because they found the stone or for other reasons?

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