Its never good to discover a grenade, but one was found at the Air Zoo in Portage Tuesday.

I don't know about you, but if I find a grenade, I'm walking the other way and calling in the bomb squad to handle the situation.

According to WOOD, that is exactly what happened when officials found a grenade in the inventory of the Air Zoo Aerospace Museum. The bomb squad was called to make sure the grenade was not a live one.

The director of the Portage Department of Public Safety Nick Arnold said, "public safety is on scene at the Air Zoo on a report of a found relic explosive believed to be a grenade."

That had to be a big surprise for who ever located the grenade. What is even wilder is that the grenade was in their inventory, you think someone would have noticed this item a while ago.

Needless to say the building has been evacuated for obvious safety reasons while the bomb squad is looking to see if they have a live grenade or not.

Senior deputy police/fire chief of PDPS Daniel Mills said, "in my experience, these items are usually inert. Better to be cautious though."

If you have not been to the Air Zoo Aerospace Museum, well they have been around for 40 years and feature over 100 rare aircraft and spacecraft. Its really a great experience for all ages.

The Air Zoo features a ton of World War II planes and offers tons of history lessons for all those who visit.

The museum has grown over the years and now include Early Flight, the Golden Age of Flight, the Cold War/Jet Age and even Space.

There are also amusement park style rides for the kids and that have a really cool Flight Innovation Center that has a whole bunch of flight simulators to give people a wide variety of flight experiences.

Once the Air Zoo gives the all clear on grenade, you can pay them a visit. Here's a link with all their info.  

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