Even more important was the special guest who showed up at the rink's opening, "Griff" the Griffins skating mascot.

A seven-year-old hockey fan Keegan Williams has been skating since he was three.  But he hasn't gotten out much since he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018.

So Make-A-Wish just did something pretty cool for him.

They built a little hockey rink in his backyard and surprised him with it on Friday.  They also brought in "Griff", the mascot for the Grand Rapids Griffins to play goalie.

But the best news is Keegan's on the mend and should finish his cancer treatments in April.

Mayor Jack Bolt also was on hand for the rink unveiling and he declared January 28 'Keegan Williams Day' throughout the City of Wyoming.

Keegan's mom, Raelynn Elliot told FOX 17 News, “It's been a long road, and definitely, some days, weeks and months are harder than others."

And she also said that having Griff show up made Keegan's day, as he is lifelong Griffins fan.

“To have Griff here is… I think you all saw his reaction of ‘Griff!’, so, pretty awesome."

When Keegan got off the school bus Friday afternoon, he was greeted by Griff. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to open the backyard skating rink, and Keegan enjoyed an afternoon of skating.

“He will be out here until it's dark and we have to pull him in!” she added.

For Elliott, getting to surprise Keegan with his wish was worth it to see his reaction.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. The smile on this guy's face that we get to see...It doesn't make the journey any easier, but it's a reward for what he's been through," she said. "So just thank you."

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